The Day 5 Friday
Yesterday was the last actual working day. The day started with presentations by students dedicated to their home countries and schools. After that, the students continued with the Suomi-emojis and the teachers with the discussion about special education.
The photo assigment that was given on Monday, came visible yesterday morning. The photos have been printed and put on the wall - and we had the opening of the exhibition before the lunch. We raised a toast and got a speech from our photography guide, Harri Tarvainen and three student-photographers. The photos were so great and the exhibition as a whole was excellent.
After lunch there was an few hours (shopping) break. In the afternoon, we met again with students, families and teachers. We had songs, dance and games. And very good food, made by the host families.
During the week, in addition to many other skills, language skills, ease of listening and ease of speaking developed. Since language is a matter of communication, the most important thing is that we speak, ask and answer.
A wonderful week! Lots of nice memories in our pockets! Many great experiences ahead!
We hope the friendship will continue even after these Nordplus weeks!
Thank you