Day 4
We started the day in Sæmó. Our guests prepared presentation about their visit and our students prepared the photo exhibition.
At 10.15 we had lunch. Rice pudding with cinnamon, raisins and haggis.
After short lunch we took a bus to Perlan where we saw a great exhibition called Wonders of Iceland,
This is an excellent exhibition of the northern lights, glaciers and volcanos in Iceland. We had so much fun.
Next we took the bus to Hallgrímskirkja and everybody went to the top of the church to look over Reykjavík.
Then the students where devided into 5 groups and went for a scavenger hunt in down town Reykjavik. Very nice activity and the students worked very well together.
The scavanger hunt ended in Harpan and after that the students had free time.
At 6.30 we had our final dinner in Sæmó. Icelandic students showed video journals from our visits in Finland and the Faroese. It was nice to remember all the good times we had. Then our guests showed us how they experienced Iceland. That was so much fun to see.
It has been a tradition in this project that the groups sing a song from their country. Tonight we had 3 beautiful songs. Very nicely done.
Then we had prices for the winners of the scavanger hunt. The winning team got easter eggs ( páskaegg). The other teams also got some candy.
We then officially opened the photo exhibition. The students took so many beautiful pictures focusing on the force of nature.
At last we had mexican soup for dinner and a chocalade cake in dessert.
This was a lovely evening with our guests, students, teachers and parents. Thank you all.