Vágs Skúli is locatede on the island Suðuroy, the most southernly part of Faroe Islands.
It's one of the villages which has had difficulties of getting families back,when young people did get their education, and did get jobs other places...but that has changed recently... A lot of young families are heading back, and new initiatives have beeing succesfull in the small village :-)  

We got to taste the local delicacy blubber (whale fat), which was an interesting experience...
The smell was horrible and most of us turned back from the door. 

Slippery stones, strong waves and amazing scenery at Lopranseidi.

We stayed two nights in an abandoned town Víkarbyrgi. Finn told us about Sneppan, a lady who was the only one who survived the Black Death in Víkarbyrgi around the year 1350. The people in the next village helped her by throwing food over the surrounding hills. 

The narrow road to Víkarbyrgi. We saw dozens of sheep along the roads.