Day 1 in Iceland
We started the day with presentations of the Faroese and Finnish schools and also some interesting information about the respective countries. After that the Icelandic students introduced the schedule for the week and they were also in charge of the icebreaking games.
One of the games was “speed-dating” where the students would tell each other about various things like favorite foods, how their friends would describe them, what kind of pizza they like, what country they would like to visit and why, and what they would like to do in the future.
Then the students walked around the school and visited different classrooms. At lunch everybody had a really good fish with curry sauce.
After lunch there was a two hour hike to Úlfarsfell mountain (300 m high). On our way to the top we had sunshine, rain, snow and at the top it was very windy so it was a very typical Icelandic weather which seems to change every time you turn around After the hiking trip some student went for a swim or rather to relax in the hot tubs in Dalslaug swimming pool while others went home to the families to rest