Team work - Finland - Foreyjar - Iceland.

Meeting in Foreyjar island.

Exploring adventure places and seeing environment pupils outdoor classroom. Communication - gathering together. Social skills.

Why outdoor education for pupils?

How we surveved during centuries. We need encourage each other to break boundries. Bondries wich sometimes keep us tight. We have to break our own limits.

Learning also something else. Communication - together we are more. Social skills/live skills.

Learning diversity - learning to be more sustainable - learning how nature works and how we work in the nature.

Learnign through play and enjoyment.

Learning by doing.

Learning about recourses and to respect the nature.



Pictures from teachersvisit in the Faroe Islands

The day started with a visit to the outdoors "classroom". We had small lectures based in local stories/legends. The theory behind is rooted in placespaced education. The weather wasn´t good. But we learned that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing...... Some learned a lot today - both about the nature and about the clothing. It is important to get everybody in the comunity involved in the project and everybody working togeather.