Schools from Iceland and Finland have been working together before on a teacher level. We have
participated together in an Erasmus project and there have been job shadowings. Our new partner from
Faroe Islands shares our interests in outdoor learning. We have noticed that we share similar ideas for
pedagogical development of education and would like to further work on these ideas. On this project we
would use methods from outdoor learning to enrich our students' understanding of Nordic countries and
offer them an experience from another Nordic country that is totally different to their own.
What you don't know you don't respect is one of the key themes of our project. Adding the young
people's environment sensitivity and respect towards nature are important areas in environmental
education. Familiarizing with nature and learning how to move about in the wild are good ways
to approach the subject. We will use environmental art and photography as ways of seeing and
experiencing the nature from personal aspect. Students will also get to know environment protection
organizations from each visited country/city trough presentations and activities.
The aim of this project is to teach young people to know themselves and their own strengths by studying
and being in the nature and by exploring the nature and own immediate surroundings.Getting to know
and learning to respect the environment will able deeper understanding in nature protection. Being in the
nature can only be learned by actually being in the wild and letting the mind and the body adjust to the
outdoors, daily rhythm of the nature and what happens in the nature.
In this project we aim to build good concepts and models to outdoor learning and enhancing the young
peoples' knowledge and understanding of our daily actions and decisions impacts to the nature . The
students will be photographing the nature during each visit and in the end each school will have yearly
calendars printed out, students will sell them and profits will be donated to local environment protection
organizations chosen by the students.
Each school will organize the local lectures, visits and home stays