Preperation for the visit of teachers in Faroe Islands


Leading up to the days where teachers from Finland and Iceland were due to arrive, there were a lot of things to take in considerations - one of our main hurdles or team mate was the weather.

As host for the visit in the Faroe Islands, Vágs skúli were really looking forward to have the teachers from our partner schools in Sæmundar and Laanila schools here for a 5 days visit. 

All the prepairations had been good, but the heavy rain forecast was an issue. But still I think we managed a great programe, even if multiplicity of different factors were interupting some of the acitvities. 

The weather is of course a thing that we must always have in mind when we prepare outdoor education, so in fact this was just a normal day at the office, even if we wanted to show our guests and partners the beautiful nature in good weather, but we still experienced in a lot of rain.

We managed to get through the programe and work on toppics that we think are imporatant to this Nordplus projects and maby also futur projects. 

Now we're looking forward to let the pupils explore the great outdoor education which we just have shown the teachers.